At that time wars
At that time wars

At the time I described was the 2.GitarrMan.
The boy with the beard and shoulder length hair.
My name was "The Guitar", I needed no other.
Anno 1970 warsIt was the first May
An appearance on a greenfield sitewith the bonfire night period.
Publikum muchpeople of all ages - from feeling pure rock and country.
And since I got my name
From now on, I was the "Örni"
I thought it was stupid and did not want him
But unfortunately he became a trademark for me and so it remained.
From that hour was no second on the posters GitarrMan more but

At that time, wars, 1967
And it came to pass the time together as there are 6 very young people joined their little world to beherschen. So we started a music band. Long time we thought about the name we wanted to give us. He should stand out because we were rebellious young people, we stänkerten with the powerful about the country, we lay down with them to where we could. We picked at the place where it did sented woe.

And so the name of a music band
*** Cristall ***
We wanted to "hard" to be "multi-faceted" and "Versatility".
Who did what we should
"Cutting edge, as of a diamond."
And so it happened.
The mighty in the land we put rocks, sticks
and other hardship in their way.
We cleared everything away.
The multitude of those that did to us was ever greater.
*** *** The fans are a force


It was a wonderful time.
Music Band  ***  Cristall *** 
Susanne > the nightingale < singer
Gerd > the hard < vocals and trumpet
Klaus > the lute < drums
Hartmut > the flute < flute and trumpet
Wolfgang > the Bearded < GitarrMan 1
Werner > Örni < GitarrMan2
************************************************** *********************

We remember in silent grief, in faith and friendship
Wolfgang and Hartmut

************************************************** *********************
We played oldies, pop and folk music
for the elderly in retirement homes.
We played in schools and kindergartens for the new human society
We played rock and pop, rock and roll, country music and hard for the boys, as we were. Our performances were held in youth clubs, holiday camps, holiday camps, village pubs, people's houses and even a few times in "good houses".
Success we had with large-scale performances
on greenfield sites around the campfire.
We traveled on behalf of music by many countries. Wherever we were able to. Today we are still connected with many contemporary artists, bands and groups. And even though we no longer exist as a music band. Life brought us together in friendship and faith and life separated us as a band. And it's good. They know each other, writes and is constantly connected via Internet.